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Custom soccer scarf Germany

Design your custom football merchandise.

Your message or team name in a custom soccer scarf.

Add text to this design, and create your custom fan scarf.

Soccer scarves and custom football scarves, design and order them online now!


Use the Arrow-Buttons to switch to the next Pattern.
Activate this checkbox if back and
front side should be identical.
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found in the pattern catalog.
Select layout for the text on the scarf .
Enter your custom text.
Choose a font, the font size,
color and outline.
Add your scarf design to the shopping cart.
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      Create a new design.

      Customized soccer scarves from the top teams in Germany.  Put your text on the scarves of Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke and other German teams. Team Germany soccer scarves with your text on it.

      Fan scarves featuring classic team colors, or colors of your choice. Your text (e.g. team name, personal text) on each side, text / design can be different on front and backside. Soft, warm acrylic knit with fringes at either end. Over 5 Feet Long, this scarf will make you cheer and sing and dance in the stadium.

      Now that's the merchandise you have been looking for: German Team scarf in black, red, gold, with your message on it. Design and order now!

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